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Sennheiser RS195

Sennheiser RS195 Listening System with Wireless Headphones

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Rediscover the pleasures of listening

Over time, our hearing will naturally evolve and although this is perfectly normal, the quality of the sounds we experience can be altered. The new RS 195 wireless headphones take these changes into account by providing exceptional sound that can be fully personalized to your hearing.

The exceptional sound can be fully personalized to your hearing. Choose the most adapted setting from the 7 profiles available to optimize your sound experience.


  • Left and right balance control allows you to adjust the volume in each ear.
  • Fitted with high quality transducers that produce rich and detailed sound.
  • Innovative digital wireless transmission technology delivers a clear signal within a range of up to 100m.
  • Transmitter supports analog and digital audio inputs (option to toggle).
  • Ergonomic design allows for hours of comfortable listening.
  • Offers a choice of listening modes: "Speech Mode" (reduces background noise, enhances speech intelligibility), "Music Mode" (reproduces music with increased dynamic range).

This technology does not replace or function in the same way as a hearing aid and is not a medical product.